SHOW 6 : Awareness and Coming Home To Compassion
Guess: Dr. Joseph Bobrow
Air Date: October 07, 2010

Dr. Joseph Bobrow,
is a Zen master and the founder and Roshi of Deep Streams Zen Institute in San Francisco . Deep Streams offers Zen Buddhist practice, provides continuing education for mental health professionals, and serves the community through the Coming Home Project, a non-denominational organization composed of psychotherapists, veterans, and interfaith leaders whose programs help Iraq and Afghanistan veterans and their families and care providers transform the mental, emotional, spiritual and relational injuries of war. He is also a psychologist-psychoanalyst and author. His new book, Zen and Psychotherapy: Partners in Liberation examines the fertile interplay of psychotherapy and Buddhism in transforming suffering and helping us realize and embody our true nature. He teaches throughout the United States and abroad.
Dr. Bobrow's Psychology Today blog

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